My primary research interest is how migratory experiences shape gendered and racialized identities in the European context. I use qualitative research methods, specifically face-to-face interviewing, participant observation and critical discourse analysis of media resources in my research. Until 2018, I conducted cross-country comparative research in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel and Turkey.


My current research is organized around three major themes:


Socio-political participation of headscarf- wearing Muslim women in cross-country comparative perspective: This research line, funded by  the Humboldt University’s Gender equality (2011-12) grant, is about cross-country experiences of national belonging, socio-political participation and job market discrimination against headscarf- wearing Muslim women. The results of the project shows how Muslim women create socio-political strategies in order to participate in European societies and to enter into job markets. An equally co-authored book (Stanford UP 2014, and German translation 2016) have been published from the results of this project.


Citizenship, Immigrant Integration and Minority Rights of Jews and Muslims in Germany: This project, funded by the SSHRC of Canada (completion year 2010) and a post-doctoral grant at the Free University of Berlin (2008), showed how the members of the Jewish minority, Turkish immigrant political leaders and Palestinian religious leaders try to establish political alliances in Berlin in order to claim religious minority rights in Germany. A co-authored book in German (Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2010), one peer-reviewed article and multiple book chapters have been published from this project.


* Body Politics, Bioethics and Gendered Identities: This project, funded by the German-Israeli Science Foundation (GIF, completion year 2019) showed how religious and secular authorities decide on issues of bodily integrity and bioethical issues. We compare three countries (Germany, Israel and Turkey) with secular law and different monotheistic religious majorities in order to analyze controversial body politic issues, such as male circumcision and abortion. The results of this project is published as one peer-reviewed article (2016) and several book chapters. An equally co-authored book-length project is under way.
May 13, 2019